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It’s just under two weeks until the official end of fall, but I think someone forgot to give that news bulletin to Winter. He’s arrived with a frigid blast of winter air and wind that has left me with a perpetual crick in the neck from hunching over in an attempt to avoid it. It’s instinctual, but I’m trying to break the habit as it doesn’t work and all I’m left with for my effort is shoulder tension and a headache.

So yeah, baby, it’s cold outside, but at work, you never know what it will be like. We have our own special climate that imitates New England in it’s changeability. One day, I shiver at my desk in spite of a sweater and my winter coat and try to forget the my nose is cold and probably red – but the next, I fling off layers like it’s summertime, for the heat has finally kicked on and it’s officially 85 degrees in this office and my deodorant just might be making a valiant, yet futile effort to back me up.

Old buildings and old radiators. So temperamental.

As a result, it’s become a game to get dressed in the morning. As a rule, I like to set out my clothes before I go to bed the night before, but in reality, that doesn’t always happen. I go to bed and wake up in the morning wondering what on earth to wear half the time. The odds are the same for both extremes and sometimes, we’ll even get both in one day: a frigid morning followed by a broiling afternoon.

My solution? LAYERS.

For instance, on a typical day I wear a cami beneath a blouse and a sweater or blazer over the blouse; this leaves me the option of peeling back layers and adding them back on as necessary. Frothy, lightweight scarves are another must; I try to keep one stashed in my work bag, just in case. It’s lightweight enough that it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk, but just enough to add some warmth around my neck (plus colorful scarves can add a bit of pizzazz to one’s wardrobe!). I’ve also started hauling winter boots with me to work not only in case of inclement weather, but also for when my toes start freezing in my ballet flats.

And that’s how I try to dress warm, yet cool, for warmer weather.

How do you deal with the wardrobe issue at the advent of the cold weather?