– I think I have a new addiction. Dark chocolate covered coffee beans from the community choir fund raiser. Not only are they delicious and give me the most fabulous wake-up jolt in the morning, but they are also organic, fair-trade and made by a local company. Three things that make it win in my book. And lordy, did I mention they are DELICIOUS?!

– The weather continues to be absolutely frigid. I ran outside yesterday morning with wet hair to start my car before blow-drying it quickly and leaving for work. In the three minutes it took to run out, start the car and run back into the house, my hair had turned into frozen brown sticks. Later in the morning, Tyson sent me a very cheery text informing me that Anchorage, AK was warmer this morning than it was here. They were 6 degrees there versus our 1 degree here in New England Friday morning. I’m not sure I wanted to know that Alaska was warmer than New England.

– We picked up the bridesmaids’ dresses and bought their shoes this week. I’m very pleased with how they look (honestly, my bridesmaids are a gorgeous trio of girls and make the dresses look beautiful) and am so glad that the girls convinced me not to have them dyed to match the dresses. They’re silver slip-on sandals with sparkly accents and a little heel. They all said they were very comfy and the silver looks great with the cornflower blue of the dresses. While at the bridal shop, we picked up my shoes as well; I got dyed blue to match their dresses and they are so cute! I just have to water-proof them in case of inclement weather – which could very well happen. May is such a fickle month.

– JJ Heller’s new CD “When I’m With You” is my current favorite listen on my iPod followed by some Josh Groban. JJ Heller has never failed to amaze me with her music. I love so many of the songs on her new album, but especially “The Boat” and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnHp7F6euWw>“When I’m With You.” Such sweet, adorable love songs. Highly recommended, especially if you like folky music (like Andrew Peterson, etc…).

– Jewels likes Brad Paisley, which would be to my 21 year old sister’s consternation since she can’t stand country music. Actually, let me paraphrase that: Jewels has a penchant for Brad Paisley’s white cowboy hat. We watched a couple music videos together the other night and she kept saying over and over again, “I like his hat.” When we switched to watching a Lady Antebellum music video she became entirely disinterested because they had NO HATS! (Oh the horror!) It isn’t about how cute the guy looks or the quality of his music, it’s all about the hat, doncha know???

– According to this news article, they may have found a bone fragment belonging to Amelia Earhart and other evidence that makes it appear that she survived her plane crash on a small island. How incredible tragic if that is true. So many people have searched for her missing plane over the years and only now, 73 years later, they may have found her. What I want to know is, if the British found a partial human skeleton back in the 1940’s, why the heck didn’t they look into whether or not it was her sooner?!