I love, love, love anticipation when it comes to happy things. Sad or bad things, not so much (I was the kid who hated the sinking feeling of anticipating a punishment when I was kid and I knew I had done something naughty). But HAPPY things?

Oh yeah, baby.

So this week finds me riding on a high of anticipating a long holiday weekend. While I don’t celebrate Christmas for religious reasons, my workplace is closed Thursday and Friday for the Christmas holiday and I can’t wait. I’m packing my four days chock full of so many things! Maybe I’m over-planning it, but I want to get so much done and do so many things that I haven’t had time for over the last month.

Things like…

– talk to the bakery about the wedding cake
– get the snow tires put on my car
– make mocha chocolate truffles (HEAVEN in COFFEE-CHOCOLATE morsels!)
– deep-clean my bedroom
– finalize the guest lists
– put together engagement announcements
– watch fun movies like “Despicable Me” and “Knight and Day.” 🙂
– read fun books (like Linger) and serious books (like Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts [yay premarital counseling!])
– spend as much with Tyson as possible.

There’s a million other miscellaneous things on my list, but as long as I get absolute necessities like winter tires and some wedding planning done, plus the spending time with Tyson, I’ll be a happy camper. Any time with Tyson makes me a happy camper these days. 😉 It’s hard to imagine being sick of each other’s company. I’m sure we’ll want time apart from each other occasionally after we’re married, but since the time apart outnumbers the time together 7 to 1 at the moment, it’s hard to fathom.

And hey, I have to admit that freshly made mocha truffles will make me a really happy camper, too. I love Tyson more than chocolate, but chocolate and coffee combined is a pretty close second… 😉 Just kidding!