The whole couple thing is still a little new for me. I mean, it terms of being seen as a couple with co-workers and close family friends who have known us before Tyson and I were an item. Since I’m introverted, I don’t like large social situations period. I am getting better at it, but I don’t think it will ever be something in my comfort zone. Having a significant other makes such forerays less intimidating; I know Ty’s got my back if I start to feel lost in the crowd. I try not to depend on the fact that he’s more outgoing and social than I am – getting out of my comfort zone means standing on my own two feet! – but it’s nice to know that if I start to get that buzzing in my ears from over-stimulation, he’s there to ground me.

Since Tyson tends to already know a lot of my friends – at least the ones that live in the area – I rarely find myself in situations where I’m introducing him to everyone and have to remember that he doesn’t know everyone. This weekend was full of that, however. Saturday night found us going out to eat with my co-workers for a holiday party and Sunday found me performing with the community choir. Two occasions where I was the one introducing him to everyone.

I love being able to call him my fiance. 😀 It’s loads of fun, but I know it’s going to be even better when I get to call him my husband.

Busy weekend, but a good one, nonetheless. I had a fun time with my co-workers; it was interesting to see everyone outside of the office and meet their spouses/significant others. Ty and I ended up at the end of the table with my boss and a co-worker’s husband; both of them have lived in town all their lives and it was so neat to hear their reminisces about what the town used to be like back in the day. A time when there were two movie theaters in town and Main Street was lined with busy and bustling stores, long before the malls came and shut down the small businesses. It definitely made me feel very young; one of those times that I definitely see the age difference between me and all of my co-workers. I’m very much the baby in the department since I’m either the age of or younger than everyone’s children!

And I had a blast performing Vivaldi’s Gloria and other seasonal pieces with the local community choir on Sunday. It sounded amazing from my spot in the sopranos section; I hope it sounded even better from the audience. Gorgeous, gorgeous music and I love the camaraderie we’ve developed in our group. I probably will have to take a break over the spring semester due to wedding plans – the concert is just a week after the wedding, so I know I’m going to miss a lot of practices beforehand – which is a little disappointing. They’re going to learn a bunch of American folk and patriotic numbers for the spring concert; it just sounds like so much fun. I love to sing, you see, and missing out on such gorgeous music is a bit of a bummer.

That is, until I stop and laugh at myself. Right now, marrying the man I love sounds even more amazing than singing even the most amazing pieces of music.

And I’ll be back the next semester. 🙂 Because community choir is not something I want to give up quite yet and my man agrees with me on that one.