I think my co-workers are probably heartily sick of the W word by now.

You know. Yeah, that word.


It’s been just a little on my mind these days.

As I’ve said, wedding planning is a lot of fun! I enjoy thinking of ways to make mine and Tyson’s big day special and very much *us*. And some of the researching is fun, almost like the challenge of a scavenger hunt.

And at the same time, it is stressful. I probably make it more stressful for myself than necessary and sometimes, to make it even better, panic and worry that I’m turning into a bridezilla. On worrying-about-bridezillaness days, I make myself feel better by reading articles about extreme cases: where brides go off the deep end and have panic attacks over napkins that aren’t exactly the right color or other stupid trivial things.

I didn’t realize fully how much I was stressing or how tired I was of talking about wedding plans, myself, until this past weekend. I spent a more than half of my weekend with Tyson, my fiancé, and just relaxed.

Saturday was brilliant, beautiful and had a tang of spring in the air. While we did talk about wedding plans now and then, it didn’t feel stressful because we didn’t feel forced to discuss it or make decisions. We talked about looking forward to being married and how we hope to have fun at the wedding. And we had a blast listening to music that we hope to play for dancing at the reception, maybe even practiced dancing to it a little bit, too. 🙂

And we spent a significant amount of time just being together. We flirted, maybe just a bit, and laughed a lot. We ate delicious food (Ty’s baby sister is an amazing cook!). We went on a walk and enjoyed the balmy January thaw, our feet squelching in mud, stopping to throw a few snowballs even.

It was so good to get a break from the stress of it all, so good just to enjoy living.

With that in mind, I’m going to try to find time for breaks away from wedding stress. It might be in snatches, but it will be well worth it. Time to read and paper journal again. Time to watch a movie for fun now and then. Time to catch my breath and de-stress.

And I’m going to try to do that here on the blog as well. I can’t promise to never post about wedding things – especially since this whole wedding and marriage business is going to change my life in numerous ways – but I am going to temper the weddingness with posts about other things. Posts about books, of course, and posts about writing, family, God and so many other things. It will be a challenge at times, with wedding consuming most of my thoughts, but a good challenge, a stretching challenge. And hopefully a de-stressing challenge. 🙂

First up: books! I have a few book review posts planned, including a look at the second and third book of Elisabeth Allen’s delightful trilogy of the Charity books. I can’t wait to tell you about them now that I’ve finally had a chance to read them again, for the first time in book form.