In the midst of planning a wedding, working full-time and contemplating moving for the first time in my life (well, technically the second time, but since I was only three, I can’t say I remember the first move), plus the beginning of putting house building plans into motion (the well has been drilled and praise God, we have water!)…in the midst of all this chaos and mayhem, I’ve found it harder and harder to follow the latest and greatest in the book world. Sometimes I get snatches of upcoming releases via the blogs I follow on my Google feed, but not enough for the news to stick.

As a result, I find myself wondering what I might be missing. And at the same time, I find myself shrugging. Life is too busy, too full and too short to wonder what I’m missing out on. I’m experiencing so many new (and stretching) things during this period of my life and I want to enjoy every bite of it without worrying about missing out on something. As I jotted down in my journal recently:

We picked out wedding bands together last night, he and I. It’s going to sound silly, but I enjoyed every minute of it. We made jokes about buying me a gem-studded skull ring and decided to have a scripture reference engraved inside my wedding band, whereupon the sales associate smiled and told us she was intrigued and would have to go look it up later. There was a thrill in seeing my man trying on rings and realizing the gleam of silver looked just so familiar and right on his finger. Our wedding rings. Such a happy, happy thought, indeed.

I love journaling and how it makes me pause and try to capture life with a smattering of words. ❤

It’s like Nicole over at Simple Moments likes to say. It’s living in the simple moments, the every day life, that is the most beautiful. And I don’t want to miss a second of it.

Still…it would be nice to have a few books to look forward to and anticipate this year. Anticipating is fun! 😉 So if you have an book suggestions or favorite authors for me to get hooked on, comment. The only book that I can’t wait to get my hands on is Ann Voskamp’s A Thousand Gifts, scheduled for release on January 18th. I love how inspiring and beautiful Ann Voskamp’s blog posts are, so I’m really looking forward to her book. Just waiting for my Swagbucks to come in so I can order it!