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…a butterfly in a jar.

It’s winter in New England. The thermometer reads about -1 degrees right now. There are two enormous snow forts in the backyard, otherwise there would be about a foot of snow covering it. It too cold for frost on my car in the morning when I run outside to warm it up for my commute to work.

And we’re supposed to get a nasty 5-10 inches of snow again tomorrow, which may or may not be (since no forecaster can agree with another) topped off by glazing of ice.

Today, happiness definitely is a silly little thing like a butterfly in a jar. My boss brought one into work today and left it on his desk. I think he may have started a trend, because by the end of the day, there were five more butterflies in the office.

It’s like sunshine and summer in a jar. ❤

*No, I was not paid or given this product to review it in this post. I just like butterflies.