It was one of those mornings. The kind that I have nightmares about.

First off, I’m blaming it all on the new cell-phone. That’s right, uh-huh. Finally switched to my fiance’s phone plan after last month’s astronomical phone bill resulting from using up way too many daytime minutes talking to him about wedding plans (at least, that’s what I’m blaming it on) and I have a new cell phone.

Not a bad thing. I mean, c’mon: a brand new shiny phone! And did I mention it’s PINK?! It’s just that I hate change and am still trying to get used to finding everything in different places on the phone.

Not to mention that the alarm set up is totally different from the alarm on my old phone.

(Yes, I’m cheap enough that I use my cell phone for an alarm clock rather than a real alarm clock.)

And, further unfortunately, this morning, it either did not go off or I miraculously slept through it. Finally, about a half an hour after my alarm was supposed to go off, my body decided it was time to wake up. I rolled over to check the time and was wide awake and flinging myself out of bed within seconds.


SIX O’CLOCK?! my brain screamed as I rummaged through my drawers and closet for something, anything to wear that didn’t need to be ironed. Because, of course, last night was the night that I decided that I’d quickly iron clothes in the morning before showering. With a mere half hour to get ready and fly out the door to work, I knew that ironing was not an option.

And that would be why khakis and sweater-wearing me went into work today looking like she was ready to go out on a date.


I wore a dress to work today.

(My co-workers nearly keeled over in shock…and someone asked if I’d run out of clean laundry and had been forced to wear non-work clothes to work again!)

And I actually got a couple compliments! O_O I guess I should oversleep more often?!

(Or wear dresses more often…)

It was actually fun to change things up, even though it wasn’t planning and was the result of oversleeping. There’s something about wearing a girly outfit that makes me feel feminine, yet capable. Maybe I should do it more often. If anything, it’ll keep my co-workers guessing! 😉

Have you done anything lately to change things up and break out of the ordinary in your world, even if it was by accident?