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Well, apparently on this snowy of all wintry days, the groundhog didn’t see his shadow and is therefore predicting only six more weeks of spring. Of course, I don’t believe that the groundhog has anything to do with how early or late spring will arrive (superstitions and me aren’t steadfast friends), but I am hoping that his prediction will coincide with reality. Because seriously, we’ve had enough snow to last me until next January. The biggest chorus (aside from, “MORE SNOW?!”) is where the heck are we going to put it?! every time a snow storm sweeps into town. Of course, we’ve managed to find places for it so far, but the options for snow storage are getting fewer and fewer. We’re going to have to start carting into the house by the bucket and melting it soon. Heh, okay, maybe not quite that bad, but still…

Of course, the kids are in heaven. You should see the snow forts they’ve created in the backyard. I think just about every kid in the neighborhood has been coming over to play in the forts and slide down our hill. Definitely paradise for any snow-loving kid.

Me? To quote myself this morning as I trudged to work on foot, “I hate snow.” Six more weeks, six more weeks, six more weeks…

I think I need some sunshine because I’m still craving chocolate even though I have a pot of bright yellow narcissus on my desk at work. Sunshine, sleep and no stress for both my man and me, that’s what we need. With spring I think we’ll get the sunshine, but the sleep and no stress? Ha – I think our life has slipped into the gear labeled ‘tired’ and I don’t think it will be easing out of it for awhile. Wedding. Getting used to married life and its responsibilities. Building a house. And soon, probably, kids.

We’re going to be tired – and stressed – for a long time, he and I. 🙂 A good kind of tired, I think…I hope! 🙂