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Darcy’s three-part series of posts on courtship and “Emotional Purity” over at her blog Darcy’s Heart Stirrings have been making me think a lot over the last couple weeks. Her thoughts have caused quite a stir in the conservative home-school alumni set – if you were ever part of the courtship/home-school culture, you’ll know that this one is a hot topic and just about everyone has an opinion on it. Whether or not you agree with Darcy’s conclusions entirely, she has some good food for thought.

It’s a topic I’m rather passionate about myself, as some of my closest friends well know. I’ve been trying to formulate my thoughts into a post for the last week, but it’s still tumbling around in my head. In the meantime, hop on over to Darcy’s blog and let me know what you think.

How the Teachings of Emotional Purity and Courtship Damage Healthy Relationships

Emotional Purity and Courtship, Take 2

Emotional Purity and Courtship: A Conclusion