Life is amazing fun armed with my vivid imagination. As a child, it turned playtime into dazzling Technicolor. I traveled west in a covered wagon with my big brother (our toy chest was the wagon) and sailed the seven seas on a pirate ship (wherein said adventure I first learned the word ‘bikini’). I was a soldier in the army and threw grenades at the enemy line (I lost my first baby front tooth trying to rip the cord off a grenade – battle wounds!). And made books come to life in vivid detail in my head.

To this day, a wild imagination is both my friend and enemy. It brightens my life with inspiration for stories and blog posts, makes me laugh with imaginary conversations and secret scenarios, all in my head. That side of my imagination is my sparkling, dazzling, amazing friend.

And the other side? Totally my enemy.

Sometimes my vivid imagination seizes the worst case scenarios of any situation and spins it into the oblivion of the most dire possibilities. There’s a reason I refuse to watch Ladder 49 or read 3,000 Degrees: no need to give my imagination additional fodder to freak out over. I already have enough of that to begin with!

For instance and example?

My guy doesn’t pick up when I call him. He’s gone on a call, I tell myself. Maybe it’s a fire call. From there, it’s not difficult for my brain to start thinking about the worst case scenarios. Structure fire. Flames. He’s wicked tired these days, that’s not good going into a fire…

Never mind the logical side of the brain that tries to argue back: “He’s on a good crew. They’ve got his back. If something goes wrong—”

“IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG?!” the imaginative and illogical side shrieks, going into the final spiral of a meltdown.

“Nothing will go wrong,” soothes the logical side. “Forget that I said that.”

Illogical side: *spazzes, freaks, imagines flames and a collapsing roof*

Logical side: *sighs, rolls eyes, imagines a tame EMT call that ends with a signed refusal*


Logical side: “Why do I even bother trying?”

Phone: *rings*

It’s Tyson. His phone was charging, he’s sorry that he missed my call.

Logical side: *snidely* “I told you so.”

Illogical side: *mutters* “Shut up…”

Me: “Hey honey, I’m great!” 😀

And my heart-rate returns to normal.

Sometimes I wonder if my imagination has dual personalities… But, now you know why wedding planning stresses me out. With my imagination and the wide range of worst case scenarios…

I’m so doomed. 😉

Okay, so maybe I exaggerate. Just a little. I rarely work myself up to that point and it’s usually when my brain is fried and the circuits are starting to smoke that spazz attacks of that nature occur. Like I said, a vivid imagination is a blessing and a curse – but enough of a blessing that I’m willing to deal with the curse side on occasion. 😉