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We’re getting into crunch time with the wedding plans. I’ve fallen behind in my schedule for putting together the invitations, which has me panicking just a smidgem inside. The invitations are kind of a DIY project, so it is going to take time to get them completed, much less stuffing and addressing envelopes, etc… Still, I did manage to get the wording settled, so at least that’s something, right? This is me trying to reassure me that I’m not going to screw up this part of the wedding plans, LOL.

(Note to self: BUY INK.)

That’s my big current project: get the invitations done. *tries to stop freaking out about it*

Small projects?

– follow-up with church regarding music
– work on guest book
– submit the engagement announcement to the paper already!!!
– meet with florist
– finish registries
– compile addresses for guest list
– meet with Mrs. W for dress alterations
– work on premarital counseling homework

Ty and I picked up our wedding bands the other night; they fit perfectly and I’m so glad we got the inside of my ring engraved. We made a night of it and saw “The King’s Speech.” British dramas aren’t exactly my guy’s cup of tea (if he drank tea, that is), but still, he took me when I said I wanted to see it. That’s love, peoples. 🙂 And I know I enjoyed it even more watching it with him than I would have by myself.

What did I think of the movie? It was good, very good, in spite of the language. They could probably have condensed it just slightly, but overall, it was very good. In regards to accuracy, I’m not entirely sure; I’m no expert on the British royalty, especially King George the Sixth’s stuttering problem. It was well-acted (Colin Firth did a superb job, as did Helena Bonham-Carter as his wife) and a fascinating look at Britain’s war-time king. If you like historical dramas about the British (one of my penchants!), I’d definitely recommend this movie.

As long as I’m writing a very rambly post, other things that are on my mind these days?

Children’s author Brian Jacques died of a heart attack this past weekend. How sad…I remember discovering his Redwall books as a young teen and falling in love with the mice of Redwall Abbey. I still disassociate myself from authors enough that when I saw his obituary, I thought, “A heart attack? Well, true…authors are human, too.” In any case, he will definitely be missed. I’m now craving a re-read of Redwall, sad to think he won’t write anything ever again.

Thoughts on the topic of emotional purity are still running through my brain, but I’m going to take my time with them. Therefore, you may see sporadic posts on the topic every now and then for a few weeks. I’m sorry; I’m sure you’ll be heartily sick of the topic quickly, but time constraints and my sanity insist. Just to reassure those of my more conservative readership who are probably wondering where I’ll go with this topic, I’m not saying to throw the baby out with the bathwater and return to the focus of serial dating and no restraints in relationships. Not at all. What I do hope to discuss is balance and how emotional purity can do as much harm as good.