As we get closer and closer to the big day, we seem to have more and more appointments and Things To Do after we both get out of work. The other day, I met my guy in a parking lot halfway between our two homes, hopped in his truck and we both drove off to pick up stuff for the apartment. Since we aren’t quite able to move in yet, we’re storing large items in my parents’ garage. The plan was to pick up our new mattress and box spring, drive back to the parking lot where I’d pick up my car and then follow him to my parents’ house. Easy-peasy.

Except. Well…

We got to talking. About shoes and ships and sealing wax, about cabbages and kings. And we listened to music and sang along and…

…well, we forgot my car.

Forgot so well, in fact, that I didn’t even remember it until we were two minutes from home.


And that’s how we ended up getting an unplanned extra half hour to spend with each other, driving back to that parking lot. 😉 I can’t say that we minded too much – I rather LIKE spending time with my man. It’s just astounding sometimes how busyness can scramble brain-cells so much. I blame it on the wedding pixies, which is my nice pseudonym for “WEDDING STRESS,” and a need for sleep.

The lack of sleep, by the way, is one of the many reasons I am saying, with full honesty and gratitude: “Thank God it is Friday!”

Do you start to lose brain-cells when you’re overtired?