My younger brother is a married man. He and his Caitlin tied the knot yesterday! It’s still sinking in for me, the idea that my little brother is MARRIED! I’ve never seen him look so happy before in my life; I’ll never forget the look on his face when he saw his beautiful bride for the first time. It was perfect. They make a very handsome couple, Andrew in his snazzy tux and Caitlin in her gorgeous halter gown, bird-cage veil and gloves.

The day began with several inches of snow on the ground and the sun never did show its face, but just the same, the day was their day and it was perfect. There were so many little things that made their wedding very much Caitlin & Andrew, from the song they played for their first dance to the table decorations and favors, to the music we danced to. It was – to again use a word that I keep using – perfect.

And believe me, we all had a BLAST celebrating afterwards. Cuz you couldn’t help but be so happy for the two of them, you had to celebrate otherwise you’d burst! 🙂

The first of us kids to get married…such a scary, exciting, joyous thing to think about! And soon it will be my turn, eep! We’re all officially growing up.