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The fact that my younger brother is – gasp – married is still sinking in. And in a similar fashion, I find myself looking at the calendar and my countdown ticker in disbelief. What? Less than two months to go? No way!

Two months isn’t much time, but it’s enough that I have a hard time grasping the fact that it will be here before I know it. We’ve been waiting for the day long enough and have been settled into the rhythm of driving back and forth to see each other for such a long time now, that it’s hard to fathom that in about 60 days, we’ll be married and the long drives home late at night, the not-seeing-each-other during the work week…it will all be over forever.

It’s funny, I still catch myself looking at dates ahead on the calendar and thinking of it in the context of not being married. Last week, I flipped to December 2011 on the calendar and absent-mindedly wondered if I will be able to spend much of my holiday vacation with my man; it took about thirty seconds before I realized that by then we’ll be married and of course, I will be able to spend time with him during it because home will be with him! It was a very happy realization. 😉

Now that my brother’s wedding is over, I’m jumping into the wedding preparations with all the energy I can put towards it. Yesterday I went shopping for table centerpiece materials; it’s a sort of treasure hunt, trying to find materials that will work and will keep us well within our budget. After a look and discussion about finances, I’m freshly determined to save as much as possible with these shopping trips. So far, we’re looking pretty good!

Also accomplished so far this week:

– invitations mailed!
– guest book ordered
– engagement photos ordered
– various phone calls and appointments made

I’ve also already had my weekly meltdown which may or may not have been triggered by a cantankerous printer that, as I tweeted, “hated my guts.” Nevertheless, I’m doing a little better this week and haven’t developed that much tunnel vision. 😉