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“Have you finished the snail book yet?” the librarian asks me eagerly, as I hand her three more books to put on my card. I can feel my eyes widen and I try not to wince.

“Nooo, I’m working my way through it,” I reply as I mentally kick myself. Where is that book anyway?!

So, okay, I come home with three more books to read while I still have three hiding somewhere in the bowels of my chaotic bedroom, two of which, I am ashamed to admit, are overdue. I think I’ve had the snail book for….over a month now? *hides* And I’ve only read two chapters of it, as delightful and peculiar a book it is.

Wracked with guilt, I come home and read…okay, I don’t read the snail book. Instead, I curl up on couch with my three new books and begin devouring the one YA novel of the three.


I wanted very much to like it. I mean, it looked so promising. A romantic fantasy with a current of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night running through it. And the cover is GORGEOUS. Right up my alley!

And maybe it would’ve been, but I just couldn’t seem to get past the “kissin’ cousins” theme and how much more than just kissin’ those cousins did. I can handle some sensuality, but honestly, there was just a little too much in this book for my comfort. Perhaps that’s part of the reason, I couldn’t get into Illyria – maybe my discomfort with loads of sexual tension between two first cousins spilled over into the rest of the story…because I had a hard time figuring out what was the point of it all. Is it just supposed to be a tantalizing, beautiful tale about two lovers who have the odds stacked against them in spite of the bit of fey mixed into their lives? And in the end (spoilers!) find each other again?

Mm, I’m not sure. In any case, Illyria won’t be on my list of re-reads and I can’t say I feel guilty for skim-reading parts of it.

Next up: The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother! Oh yes – and the snail book. 😉 Have to finish it before bumping into that librarian again!