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I have a ba-a-ad memory these days. I’m so scatter-brained due to two weddings in the family, long work days and packing for my first move since I was three.

Lists are my friends. Calendars with pop-up appointment reminders are awesome!

Physical reminders.

I need them.

And that’s why I’ve been wearing this bracelet lately.

Elisabeth Allen’s post over at Hope Scribbles convicted and reminded me of the many who are still enslaved somewhere in the world in this day in age.

One Girl is a prayer challenge/initiative started by Tiny Hands International, to challenge people to pray for the many, many girls sold into sexual slavery. Over 10,000 girls – ranging from as young as six to late teens [and I suddenly am seeing my little sisters in the faces of those girls] – are taken from their homes in Nepal and are sold into slavery every year.

As their website says:

…Tiny Hands International is encouraging at least 10,000 people to “spiritually adopt” one of those girls. Everyone who participates in this spiritual battle will receive a One Girl bracelet. The bracelet serves as a reminder to pray for a girl who is vulnerable to trafficking; one being trafficked at this moment, or the one who is currently enslaved in a brothel…

There’s a bracelet on my wrist and there’s a teenage girl in Nepal that I’m praying for. She’s a daughter. She may have sisters, like me, who might need prayer as well. She’s only 19 and I’ve promised to pray for her daily. I’m just one girl praying for this specific one girl….but, as I glance at my wrist throughout the day and remember to pray for her, I think of my baby sisters and how there are other girls their age, hurting…

And I find myself praying more and more.

It’s a fight that needs prayer. Will you take up the initiative and pray for just one girl?