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I guess it’s no secret that I like pink.

Especially since the last two posts for Fashion 2011 have featured that delightful color PINK!

I’m having such fun trying new things out! Normally I would never try this shirt with this skirt – it’s too loose to match with a skirt. But with a belt to cinch it in and add definition to my waist, it works!

What I’m wearing: My favorite black skirt [Dress Barn] – it’s one of the first wardrobe staples I bought as an adult and I’ll never regret that investment – and a casual pink top [Wal-Mart] with long sleeves rolled up into three-quarter lengths. For a finishing touch, I added a black and pink plaid scarf [also Wal-Mart] and donned on my black winter boots.

Comfy. Warm. Pink.

I like!