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236. girlfriends who ease fears and give me advice
237. learning to ‘roll, roll, roll with the punches’
238. watercolor paints and kids who sing along with Lenka
239. packing books into boxes and sharpie marking the sides
240. re-discovering boxes with hundreds of letters from the last 15+ years of corresponding with pen-pals and friends
241. a clean closet! And allergy meds for the dust I accumulated in my sinuses during said cleaning
242. He’s got the whole world in His hands… trusting and knowing, He’s holding every broken country, especially during earthquakes and tsunamis, in His hands
243. so many people praying for Japan…may God do a great work in this country during this time!
244. slipping into a gorgeous white gown for a fitting
245. counting down the days until May arrives and finds me a bride
246. catching someone wearing a t-shirt that says “I’m the LITTLE sister” and smothering her with kisses
247. green ruffled shirts and light-weight sweaters as the weather slowly warms up to Spring
248. learning to adjust and shift perspectives to fit reality
249. trusting God and letting go
250. a landmark: a quarter of the way to one thousand blessings