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It amuses me how much fun I have when I randomly check our registries and discover that hello! people have bought us things! It still surprises me (What, we’re registered at places?! For our wedding?! And people have bought us things?!), partly due to the fact that as much work as I have put into this wedding, it’s still sinking in that it’s happening and soon.

It sinks in more and more as I’ve started cleaning and packing, however. I’ve got about a quarter of my books in boxes and I just cleaned and organized the closet so I’d know exactly what’s there for me to pack later. I rediscovered about fifteen years worth of letters from various pen-pals and friends; I’ve never counted them, but I’m willing to bet that I have hundreds of letters. The oldest ones date probably back to when I was nine or ten, when I got my first pen-pal, Tyson’s sister Adeline.

I honestly didn’t have time to sort through any of them and re-read them for a nostalgia fix, but maybe when the wedding is over and we’ve moved into the apartment and I have loads of free time (hah!) on my hands. 😉 Sure…maybe I should just make a date with myself twenty-five more years down the road and plan on catching up on it then?

Another weird feeling: finding my stacks of journals. Flipping through them and seeing my hand-writing go from the careful printing of an eleven-year old to the rapid scrawl of the last few years. Again, it’s 15 years worth of journals, with a few gaps in between (I think there was a period between 21 and 23 where all my journaling was done online). I’ve perused those pages more recently than the letters and peoples, reading some of the stuff on those pages makes me cringe. Does every writer feel that way, looking back at what they wrote years ago? Still, I find myself wanting to pat 12 year old Krista on the head for her journal entries that go, “Oh, the [current] baby is sooooooooo cute!” with loads and loads of oooo’s in my so’s. [Patting on the head in a good way! I’ve always loved babies. ;-)]