It’s the middle of the month and I’ve only just now realized, it’s March. “Well, duh, Krista!” you’re thinking, I know, and okay, really, I did know that it’s March. But it just hit me: it’s March and I usually dread and hate that month, attesting that in past years, March hates my proverbial guts.

But this year?

Honestly? It hasn’t been that bad. Sure, I’ve had my meltdowns as per usual due to wedding stress. But March 2011? You aren’t so bad so far.

And today? Oh March, you. are. gorgeous.

The hills were all misty this morning until the sun arose and slipped into the valley. The trees across the street, behind the factory rooftop, have just begun to break out in buds and they were a beautiful reddish-brown as the sun woke them up and chased the mist away behind them. The sight of the white mist shrouding hills behind those reddish and brown branches – it was perfect.

Keep up warmer weather, March, and I just might learn to love you.

written Friday, must remember to hit post more quickly