Dear March:

Apparently I spoke altogether too soon. We go from delicious warm, spring temperatures to cold and wintry weather within three days. Snow, oh, how I hate that four-letter word. Dear me, March, do you really intend to go out like lion?!

So much for working to make me like you. Bring on April, let’s forget March!

Still – in spite of glowering in the general vicinity of the foul weather and the month that bears it – there are blessings to count because it’s Monday, even if it’s a snowy one.

251. lightweight, frothy scarves
252. driving around town with the car windows rolled down
253. engrossing audio books for car rides
254. curly hair and testing bridal hair styles
255. a sassy three-year old sister who is more thirteen going on thirty than three going on thirteen
256. nailing down information for the wedding reception
266. a mason jar full of cut daffodils
267. shrinking piles of snow and MUD!
268. watching items being fulfilled on our wedding registry and wondering who bought them for us
269. chocolate chip pumpkin muffins
270. many friends and acquaintances who are expecting in the months ahead…babies galore!
271. my tired hard-working man who plugs away in spite of little sleep and midnight and two a.m. EMS calls
272. a beautiful hand-made kitchen table, waiting to be stained
273. watching the days on the calendar slip by, faster and faster
274. holding hands in the car
275. remembering, as missiles fall and the world shakes, all shall be well and shall all manner of things be well