276. vanilla coke
277. a weekend to catch up on sleep after averaging 5-6 hours (versus my usual 7-8) per night during the work week
278. booking a florist and ordering our flowers! *cue the sigh of relief*
279. green apples for mid-afternoon snacks
280. long car rides and deep, thought-provoking discussions
281. lemon cupcakes for a 19th birthday
282. visits from old family friends
283. listening to she&him with my brother while playing with crafty things…such a simple pleasure
284. jokes about corned beef and seal blubber and whether or not the latter is kosher
285. the thrill of discovering more pale blue envelopes and RSVP cards in the daily mail
286. tomatoes and mozzarella cheese drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette, a taste of summer on a winter-weary March day
287. watching the days on my countdown ticker dwindle lower and lower, quicker and quicker
288. sifting through and listening to music for preludes and processionals and recessional eep!
289. bubbles for the wedding reception (grin)
290. chick flicks! with my sis and mom 🙂