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Someone at work today thanked me for being so prompt (as usual) in getting them some information that they’d requested. It made me smile because it’s so nice to be appreciated. And when his co-worker chimed in with, “Yes, Krista is awesome! Thank-you so much!” I couldn’t help but grin. It totally made my day, just to be appreciated, noticed and wow, someone thinks I’m awesome?!

Yup. Totally made a crazy-hectic morning (month end!) all the happier because of it.

It got me thinking, however. Neither of these people had to compliment me on my speedy and efficient work, but they both took a moment to shoot me an email, thanking and praising me for it. Just a quick moment, but it really brightened my day. How often do I neglect to take a moment to do the same sort of thing? Why don’t I pause as I’m leaving the grocery store and tell the cashier that she looks awesome today? Why don’t I stop and smile at the mailman and thank him for making this bride so happy for delivering more RSVP cards? Why don’t I focus more on others around me and try to brighten their day as well?

There’s this thing called “pay it forward” and I find myself burning to do it and keep on doing it. Pay it forward – let someone go ahead of me in line at the post office. Drop a note in the mail for a friend. Text random people random notes, telling them I appreciate them.

Spread joy and hope others pay it on forward, too.

Has anyone done something to brighten your day, today? Have YOU done something to brighten someone else’s?