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After a week of forgetfulness, I finally remembered to pull the receipt for the wedding cake from my files to give to my dad when he drops off the remaining payment. In a moment of sheer luck, I decided to scan it into a PDF file and sent it to my dad via email, just to be on the safe side. After doing so, I slipped the receipt into my purse, intending to put it directly in his hands the next time I saw him.

He worked late last night and as a result, I never got a chance to give it to him. I was tired after running errands right after work (sealing wax, gold pens, baskets, etc), but I decided to work on something that’s needed to be done for awhile. I decided to clean out my purse and the bag that I use as a carry-all for my work stuff (water bottles, snacks, extra scarves, etc). Old receipts, expired coupons, dead shopping lists and more were pitched into the trash. Scarves were put into the hamper to be washed and my water bottle emptied and placed in the kitchen sink to be cleaned as well.

I was so proud of myself, as I looked at my neatened purse as I tucked it in a desk drawer at work this morning, just before the bell rang at work. Instead of being lazy I pushed myself and got things done last night! I was just giving myself a mental pat on the back when my heart froze in horror and then plummeted to the floor under my desk chair.


I tore myself from the wave of icy horror that gripped my spine and tore through my purse, emptying out the contents in about thirty seconds flat. No receipt. I fumbled through the foggy memory of last night and realized, with horror anew, that there was only one place where the receipt could be.

In the kitchen trash can.

I do believe I *facepalmed* myself right then and there. And picked up the phone, praying that someone at home would be awake enough to pick up. What is more, that they’d be willing to rummage through the trash can in search of the receipt for me. The phone rang and rang and rang. Finally, my brother J picked up.

I explained the situation to him and asked him to look for the receipt. “PLEASE?” I begged.

He was kind enough to say yes, he’d do it. And thankfully, within five minutes I received a text informing me that he’d found it and would put it in a much safer place than the trash can. 😉

Phew. So glad that it’s safe and so glad that I’ve made a backup copy of it in case I lose it again. Yeesh, at the rate I’m forgetting things I’ll be lucky if I make it to the church on time for the wedding!