Written Monday…
Ty came over today which was just lovely. We sat on the couch most of the afternoon, like we are wont to do on sabbaths. And ate chocolate covered matzah. And left-over Hershey kisses from the favors. Yes, I shared with the kidlings.

Sometime during this time, the following conversation ensued:

Mia, age 7: KRISTA!

Me: What?!

Mia: Are you taking your hula hoop with you when you move?


Me: Um…

Dad: Well, Krista, I think this requires serious thought. You probably really should take that with you. You and Tyson might want that hula hoop to you know, do the hula hoop.

Nate: Yeah, they could do it together…

Yeesh, how could I have forgotten it? My priorities clearly are not in order. I’ve moved everything but that hula hoop!