I suspected that it would happen sooner or later, but after two weeks, I kind of thought that maybe, just maybe, I’d be one of those people who would have no trouble adjusting to the new part of my morning routine.

That was until this morning. I rolled over, reached for my cell-phone to check the time and realized that it wasn’t on my bedside table. “Oh crap!” I yelped as I fumbled to throw back the blankets. My poor husband. “What?!” he asked, flung out of sleep by my voice.

“What time is it?” I asked desperately. “My alarm didn’t go off, I don’t have my phone…”

“Ten of six,” he said, flipped open his own phone.

“Crap, crap, crap…”

And so it is that this morning, I learned that it is possible, with the help of a husband who irons your clothes, packs your lunch and throws together breakfast-on-the-go (coffee & bagel) for you, to get ready for work in approximately 25 minutes time from start to finish, from washing and drying hair, applying makeup and brushing teeth, dressing and running out the door with all paraphernalia in hand.

I made it to work with two minutes to spare, no thanks to the fact that – again, for the first time ever – I took the turn that would take me to my parents’ house instead of continuing straight on into the downtown area towards my workplace. *facepalm*

All I can say is, after tearing around the apartment, after trying NOT to speed as I raced to work, after hurrying all day in an attempt to get caught up at work before my co-worker goes on vacation next week, I feel like I’m still running, running, running as I’m here on my lunch-break. And the rest of the day will likely be the same sort of thing:

– four more hours of work
– driving home (arriving at approx. 5:45 PM)
– clean the apartment (scrub down the bathroom, make the bed, sweep the floors, mop the kitchen & bath, tidy up in general)
– make supper & eat it
– get to Torah Study for 7:30 PM (which means I have exactly 1 hr. 45 minutes to clean, make supper and eat it!)
– collapse into bed at 10:00 PM when Torah Study is over

Hallelujah that tomorrow is Shabbat and we can REST.

PS – Will it EVER stop raining?