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May 1st, 2011

Forecasted weather: mostly sunny, temperature in the 70’s and a definite taste of love in the air

And. It. Was. Beautiful.

My fears of cold, rainy weather didn’t come true, in spite of the dusting of snow just a week earlier and so many people’s cheerful warnings of, “You know, it’s snowed on May 1st before!” The most perfect weather imaginable for a wedding.

The Dress: strapless ivory satin, with the lightest chiffon overlay imaginable, ruched at the bodice and waist, with crystal beaded flowers embroidered on the bodice, chapel length train.

Swishability factor: amazing. Light as a feather compared to other gowns, perfect for dancing. With veil, jewelry and blue shoes, it made me feel like a princess and even if my day wasn’t anywhere near the scale of magnitude or elegance of Kate’s day, I doubt the princess was any happier than I.

Ceremony Location: a white steepled church on the town common

… New England personified, gorgeous within and out…perfect for two people who love New England as much as we do!

Time of the Ceremony: three o’clock sharp

…and the bride, for the first time that day, got cranky when she had to wait in the car for a few minutes before the ceremony – “Let’s get this party started!” she thought…

Ceremony Music:

1. “Park on Piano” – Jan A.P. Kaczmarek
2. “The Butterfly Waltz” – Piano Wedding Music
3. “Bella’s Lullaby/ The River Flows in You” – Yiruma
4. “Compassion” – Michael Allen Harrison
5. “Joy” – George Winston
6. “Hallelujah” – Piano Wedding Music
7. “Nefali” – Ludovico Einaudi
8. “Kiss the Rain” – Yiruma
9. “Midsummers Night” – Piano Wedding Music

Bridesmaids’ Processional: “Spirited Away Reprise”

Flowergirl Entrance & Bride’s Processional: “Bonjourno Principessa”

Recessional: “Under the Umbrella”

Postlude: “Something Beautiful” – the Newsboys


I find it hard to keep my eyes on his face, as I walk down the aisle, there’s such love and tenderness written there. I glance away, but my eyes keep going back to him, to my handsome groom. I can’t stop smiling.

I think there are tears in his eyes and I wonder at the dryness of my own. I shake from head to toe with excitement. Later, I learn that my husband’s colleagues on the fire department were making bets as to which of the two of us would pass out at the altar and I’m the favorite apparently, because of my quivering.

But – I don’t faint. And neither does he.

Under the chuppah, we stand and in front of family and friends, we say our vows. I love this moment. As I say the words, I want to laugh and cannot stop smiling through every syllable. No hesitation, no reservations, I’m ready for this, ready to be his wife.

And suddenly, I am. And he is my husband.

There’s a ring on his finger and another on mine. We hold hands as family members read the traditional liturgical prayers, the Seven Blessings, and I can’t stop tracing the gold encircling his finger. My husband.

We drink from the same Kiddush cup, the first drink to meet our lips as a married couple. With a stomp of his foot, he smashes the glass and the room erupts with shouts: “Mazel tov!”

And with that the chaplain pronounces us married (!!!) and we share a kiss for the first time as husband wife.

(it was a good kiss)

The music begins and just as it bursts into a volley of trumpeting notes, we sweep off down the aisle…

We did it!

Let happily ever after begin!

Next up…photos and the reception!

(photo credit to friend Sharon P.!)