My guy had training class at the fire department last night. His sister texted me just as I was leaving for work that morning, asking if I wanted to go out to eat with her, her sister and mother that night, since he was in class. I thought about it, decided not to let my to-do list guilt me into refusal and said, “Sure!” and only hours later thought, “Oops, heh, I never did ask Ty if he was okay with me going out and spending money.” 😛 I don’t have to ask him for permission on stuff like that, but I try to run stuff like this by him first, just as he does the same for me, because, well, we’re married now and learning to merge two lives into one. 😉

He was fine with it, however, so all was good. And then later, just as I was driving home from work, he called me on his way to training at the fire department. “You need to go out to eat tonight,” he said. “Because I was starving and I ate everything in sight.” I figured he was exaggerating for effect…until I got home and saw that he ate: the last 3 pieces of left-over lasagna, the left-over chicken breast, the left-over biscuits and the last 6 or 7 cookies!

So, we went out to eat at a local restaurant. And just had a marvelous time, laughing and talking and, well, eating! I had the Cajun burger (nom nom nom!) with the most delicious french fries. Addy had a burger, while Ty’s mom had a turkey burger. And Genny? Well, she had a pizza. 😉 It was funny, in a way, and it made us all laugh. And then for dessert, we shared two strawberry shortcakes and everyone had coffee (decaf).

Sometime between ordering dinner and waiting for it to arrive, we got to talking about newly married life for me and my husband. I laughed a little as I said he could care less if I matched his socks perfectly or if they were folded perfectly or not. We laughed as we compared notes about the men in our lives (one of us has a man who has perfect bed-making skills drilled into him and one of us has a man who doesn’t care if the sheets are straight or not) and finally, Ty’s mom said, “Well, Krista, he’s happy. He really is. He’s just so happy.”

And I smiled. Because I’m happy. And if being married to me makes him happy, just as being married to him makes me happy, well, that’s all that matters.

It was a good night. I’m glad we had our girls’ night out. 🙂