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Me: I like Hershey’s chocolate all right, but Cadbury is better. It’s creamier and milkier, definitely richer. Hershey’s is more waxy, still pretty good for chocolate, but Cadbury is definitely better.
Tyson: But it’s like quintessential small town America! A little rough around the edges, but good nonetheless.
Me: But Cadbury’s is better!
Tyson: But it traveled all over the world with GIs during WWII. Kids all over the world associated Hershey with chocolate because of it.
Me: But Cadbury tastes better.
Tyson: People all over the world associate the word “Hershey” with “chocolate.”
Me: Cadbury…tastes…better.
Tyson: Actually, Hershey is okay as chocolate goes overall, if you like chocolate. I just like the history behind it.
Me: So basically, you like that chocolate only for its history?
Tyson: Yup.
Me: How typical, I should have known..