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After the ceremony, the entire wedding party slipped upstairs to the balcony while the guests exited the church. Certain members may have done the royal wave and a certain bride might have started dancing to “Something Beautiful” by the Newsboys right up there between choir pews.

Silly moments. But perfect.

While guests continued on to the reception facility and, after arriving there, munched on hors d’œuvres, the bridal party and family stayed behind for photos. No major hitches so far! Well, we did lose a groomsman on the way to another town’s common where we were to take more photos, but everyone made it there eventually. 😉 And my chauffeur brother got a fabulous Polaroid snapshot of us newlyweds in our getaway car, right before we drove away with “Sh’boom, Life Could Be a Dream” playing as a soundtrack to the moment.

And both a family friend and the professional photographer got some amazing shots…

Lots of fun shots. We were on a budget of time, however, and before we knew it, it was time to head on to the reception. It was time to party!

Next: Reception – we’re having a pah-tey!