Oh dear. I mean, deer.

Yes, we have deer that seem to think that we’re infringing on their territory by building a house. Mama Doe was none too pleased to see us and our vehicle a couple weeks ago when we drove up in the evening. She lingered even though we obviously were intruders; we’re pretty sure baby was hiding somewhere in the brush nearby, since she firmly refused to go far.

And now that our blackberries are ripe, she’s munching away on them. Darn, I wanted to try making blackberry jam! Isn’t it enough that she got most of the blueberries, now she has to have the blackberries, too? She gave Ty a look that bespoke of “What on earth are you doing back here again in my backyard?!” when he arrived at the lot for work yesterday morning.

I told Ty that I want venison – even though I’ve yet to try it and probably won’t like it, come to think of it, when I do try it – but he informed me that hunting season comes long after blackberry season is over. Phooey. I knew that, I’m not that much of a city girl, but good grief, I wants my blackberries!

I can see that it’s going to be a battle with a garden one day. Yay us!