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So, Irene came in with a lot of wind and a lot of rain, but far less damage than she was hyped up to be. I think we got 8 inches of rain and it certainly was blustery sounding outside our little apartment this morning, but it could have been far, far worse. Ty spent the entire day on duty at the station, but overall, it was a quiet day.

I spent most of the morning cleaning and organizing the apartment. I sorted through paperwork and got it all filed in the filing cabinet. I emptied packing boxes of books and organized them better on the bookshelves. We still need at least one more bookcase for the remainder of our collection, but in the meantime, they’re in boxes or displayed on the beam in the bedroom.

In any case, the bedroom is slightly more tidy and the living room area is looking so much neater. I love this feeling of organization and cleanliness! I also put up twinkle lights in the living room along the overhead beam and set up candles in the lanterns. Smile I love my Yankee Candle vanilla cupcake candle, by the way; it makes my home smell like I’m baking up a storm.

Speaking of baking, by the way, love is when you make banana bread for your hubby when you can’t stand the taste, texture or smell of bananas. Yup. We had two blackened bananas that he never ate this week (probably because I forgot to write “eat me!” on them as a reminder) and I decided to turn them into something yummy for him. Bananas, blech. But he likes them and he loves banana bread, so. Logical solution for the blackened bananas was bread.

So yes. Honey, banana bread means I love you. At least, from me, it does.