It snowed Saturday.


In October.

And not just snow, a sugary dusting like we got last Thursday – a wet showering that turned our fall foliage into Narnian forests – nope, we didn’t a quick, light snowfall.

We got 22 inches in my neck of the woods.


That’s nearly two feet of snow. Of course, not much to sniff at compared to the highest measurement of all towns: 31 inches in Jaffrey, NH. Still, quite enough. And I think everyone in New England would agree, whether they got less than a foot or two and a half. It was a very heavy, wet snow and with the foliage still on the trees, there were many fallen trees and limbs. Thousands are still without power now two days later. I’m so thankful that my new little home-town escaped the brunt of power outages, since they usually are one of the hardest hit by bad weather. I was the only person our small accounts receivable department at work today who has power at home; all of my co-workers are still in the dark and cold, without a clue when the lights will come back on.

And let’s just say that fall foliage against the stark white of the snow just looks wrong. Beautiful, definitely, but so wrong, just the same.

What a way to end the month of October!