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What do you do?

Well, first you steal a couple kids from your parents’ house, then drive back to the lot where you’re building your house…

And go sledding, of course!

Ty and I had my two littlest sisters over for the afternoon on Sunday and since we had a surprise October snowfall, we decided to take advantage of it and the marvelous hill on the little piece of land that will one day be our home.

We all had a blast. I’ve earned serious big sister brownie points, as has Ty earned big-brother-in-law points as well. Juji informed him that it was ‘the best fun day ever!’ and thoroughly enjoyed sled rides down the hill in his lap and Tyson-rides back up the hill on his shoulders. And while Mia didn’t get rides on Ty’s shoulders, I think she had just as much fun sliding by herself.

A day well spent.

PS – My hubby is going to be such an awesome daddy one day. 🙂 I’ve always known that, but his awesome skillz with my siblings this weekend has clinched it. I’m looking forward to raising a family with him.