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The snow is melting away, a little more each day. The snow that was waist deep on my littlest sister is almost a memory, a record breaking one at that. But on Saturday…oh the snow, the snow, the snow. The forecast that morning was dire enough to make us wonder and then in the afternoon, it fell so thick and furious, I wondered how we’d make the drive in the snow, especially without snow tires (because why on earth would one get snow tires put on her car before the first of November?!).

But. We made it. We were determined, as was just about everyone else who had RSVPed for the night.

We made it to the ball. And while the snow fell 12-24 inches deep around our cars outside, we danced the night away. An awe-inspiring night – everyone kept exclaiming, “Can you believe the snow?!” – and it was magical.

Our first ball as a married couple. 🙂 Two years ago this fall, a handsome fire-fighter asked me to accompany him to a ball. Well, actually, at first, he kind of assumed I’d accompany him, considering we’d been going out for the past nine months. A girl likes to be asked, however, and I told him that. 😉 And so he asked me, would I like to go? Of course I would and so I did. It was a magical evening then, as I learned how delightful slow-dancing and being held in my love’s arms could be…

us - fire-fighter's ball 2009!

And even more delightful now as his wife. For instead of being taken home at about midnight, like Cinderella after her ball, and saying goodnight until the next ordinary occasion we’d meet – this time, there were no good-byes at the front door, but good nights as we fell asleep next to each other in bed.

Husband. Wife.


Cinderella and her prince have nothing on me and my favorite fire-fighter. I mean, c’mon. We had snow as a magical landscape. I don’t think she ever had that in her story.