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Love is…watching someone else’s boring TV show with them, according to the Peanuts calendar hanging in our kitchen.

I have to say that it must be true. Or to paraphrase it in my own terms:

Love is…taking your wife to see the latest Muppet Movie when you don’t even like the Muppets. You consider them far too childish and cheesy to go see at the movies.

But you take her anyway – because she grew up watching the Muppets and loves them, even if they are childish and cheesy, just because she is a little kid at heart in some ways, but especially when it comes to the Muppets.

Yup. He took me to see the Muppet movie last weekend! It was cheesy, it was silly and it was such a Muppet of a movie. And during the first ten minutes, he had the most hilarious look on his face that bespoke of disbelief at how absolutely cheesy it was and how much he couldn’t believe that he was there watching it with me.

But he took me to see it. That’s love.

(It was such a fun movie, btw, at last for the Muppet fans in the audience. I’m sure those who didn’t grow up watching Kermit and the gang weren’t quite as enamored as me and my siblings were. I can’t get the songs out of my head or ‘wipe the smile off my face.’ They’ve given me ‘the world’s third greatest thing: laughter!’)