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My sister and youngest sister-in-law spent Sunday afternoon with me this weekend. Laughing, crafting and just enjoying time with each other was the theme for the day.

And crafting. Oh, after weeks of pinning things on Pinterest and having not time to make ideas into reality, finally getting to sit down and play with my craft supplies: oh happiness.

Of course, we had a few mishaps. Our snowflakes never got quite to the point of looking like the ones I’d pinned. Sparkles stuck to fingers and we didn’t have enough scissors for everyone. And did you know that spray-painting isn’t the most brilliant idea when it’s about 30 degrees outside? Yeah, I hadn’t thought about that one until we all came in with chapped, paint-stained hands and paint half-frozen on projects.

Still. We had success. I’m currently in love with a decoration for our living room, inspired in part by one of my Pinterest pins.

I took this:

And managed to work my twine version of it into this:

So what did we do? And what did we use?

plain canvas
black colored or chalkboard spray-paint
a light wire clothes-hanger
hot glue

First, I spray-painted the canvas with blackboard paint provided by my sister-in-law. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, but thought I’d figure it out later.

Next, I decided to start another craft project: bending a hanger into the shape of the word “Love” and covering it with twine. It took time and eyeballing it to shape the wire into letters, and actually, some of it is a little more crooked than I’d like, but in the end, it looked good enough. My sister was sweet enough to wind the twine around it while I finished supper and we both agreed that the end product look pretty good considering.

Still, it was only later, as I tried to decide what to do with my new “Love” thingie-ma-bob and what to do with my newly painted black canvas. I put “Love” down on the canvas for a moment and suddenly, it all clicked: everything was supposed to go together.

A few more tweaks, a little hot glue and more materials pulled from storage, and I had a new way to display the polaroid photos from our wedding this spring. It’s going to look great hung on the butter yellow walls in our living room. 🙂