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We hadn’t discussed gift-giving for our first Hanukkah as a married couple. I don’t think either of us were planning on giving each other gifts, truth be told. But after seeing a bunch of nerf guns displayed at Wal-mart, my husband resurrected an inside family joke and told me, “Larry wants one of those.” The hidden meaning, of course, was that he wanted one.

I laughed and nearly bought it right then and there, but he insisted he was ‘just joking.’ Still, I managed to sneak out and did some shopping on the way home from work one night, smuggled it into the house and into the handiest hiding spot (the clothes hamper!) and waited for Hanukkah to arrive.

On the first night of Hanukkah, I gave him his gift. It provided a splendid laugh for both of us and he’s had loads of fun unleashing foam bullets at me whenever and wherever.

Perfect. I’d found a small gift that he’d never buy himself and would have loads of fun playing with. It wasn’t too expensive, either, which was good because I’d rather save big presents for birthdays. I did good.

Well, I thought so until his gift put mine to shame. 😉

The next day, the second night of Hanukkah, I arrived home to find a box wrapped in white tissue paper and tied with a blue bow sitting on the dining room table. And upon opening it, what did I find?

A beautiful antique writing box.

Little cubbies for pens and nibs, a small glass bottle for ink and plenty of space for paper. And – one of my favorite parts – two little secret drawers hidden behind a wooden panel, found only by triggering a secret spring inside the box.


How cool is that?! 

It needs a little work, but my hubby is talented with those kind of things and I know it will be beautiful when he’s finished with it. I can’t stop smiling and admiring my new possession. My hubby does so well with picking gifts that fit me. It’s the perfect gift for someone who loves to write as I do!

Did you get anything special over the holidays this year?