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I finally got myself back into the swing of sorting through wedding photos and deciding which ones we want to get printed, which suddenly has me wanting to write all sorts of wedding posts. So…nine months after we got married, I’m finally getting my series of wedding blog posts finished. Yeah, never too late, right?!

So…little things I loved about our day.

– Sitting at the breakfast table, drinking coffee and playing a game with my littlest sister. ❀ We didn’t get to play for too long as I had my hair appointment, but it is a very precious moment I treasure.

– Being silly with my sister and sisters-in-law before heading to the church, it made me laugh and it kept me from being too impatient.

– The look on my husband’s face when I walked down the aisle. πŸ™‚ *sappy!*

– The hugs we shared with my brother and sister in the foyer of the church while the rest of the bridal party was exiting the sanctuary. It was like, “YES! We’re all family now!”

– The polaroid photos my younger brother took throughout the day, but especially this one taken towards the end of the day. It captures perfectly how we felt about each other and how ready we were to go home together. πŸ™‚

– My sister giving certain friends the ‘princess’ wave from the balcony in the church. *grin*

– Laughing because my brother was holding the bridesmaids’ bouquets for them while they fixed my bustle…he did it so well!

– Tearing up during my sister’s speech as Best Maid. Love that girl to pieces.

– Β Moments with Ty’s fire department family. Poising for crazy-silly photos with them and realizing that they now consider me part of the family now, too!

– Watching my younger siblings dancing at the reception and just having a blast. And yes, my youngest brother did do belly slides across the dance floor. Because he is that awesome.

– Going home with my husband (!!!) at the end of the day. Because home was with him from that day onward.