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When you love a woman, what do you do? Well, if you’re a carpenter, you build her a house.

(photo cred to my BIL)

(photo cred to my BIL again)

He holds the ladder as I climb and there we are, standing in the upstairs of our future home for the first time. The boards beneath my feet are a temporary floor as the roof is being finished, but I feel full of anticipation and butterflies as I close my eyes and try to picture walls and rooms and someday, a house full, family full. I smile, open my eyes and look at the man who loves me, married me and is building us a home.

And there, beneath the beams that he milled himself for our home, we share a first kiss in our house.

When a man works late and long to build a home to share with you, well, that’s love.

(photo credit to moi!)