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Sometimes I find it interesting to see what people plug into google before they end up at my blog. Okay, I find it interesting ALL the time, just ask hubby. I get a kick out of some of the most random things.

Want to know what makes me laugh the most, however?

The fact that most of the searches are about “Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.”

Yeah. I kid you not. This post has gotten more random search hits than any other post I have written, which cracks me up since it was such a short-spur-of-the-moment post.

So. People who keep looking for Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head? Here is a post for you. πŸ™‚ And thank-you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed at least a quick look at it aside from my previous post about that famous Toy Story couple.

(And yes, I do believe my hubby and I are as inseparable as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head because…we’re madly in love. Yessiree!)