Getting closer to the end of Season 2! This costume drama fan is getting anxious for the next episode – how about the rest of you?

Source: quitesodowntonabbey.tumblr.com via Krista on Pinterest

What are your predictions and speculations?

I predict: Matthew regains the use of his legs. Bates is charged with the murder of his wife. Ethel writes to the grandparents of her baby, begging for help. Mary will NOT marry Richard (she can’t, she can’t!). The Dowager Countess will make us laugh (again) and will have the wittiest lines of the whole cast. Branson will finally convince Sybil to run away with him. And Lavinia? Well, I’m not sure, but something noble with happen with her to enable Mary and Matthew to be together.

At least, I’d like to think that Mary & Matthew will end up together. I’m so shipping them this season!

(And the Dowager Countess remains one of my steadfast favorites. Maggie Smith rocks in that role!)