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Caitlin over at Beginnings of a New Life got me thinking about my ‘bucket’ list of things I’d like to do someday. A lot of them are silly, little things, but I can’t wait to check them all off! I’ve crossed out the ones I’ve already accomplished in the last year or so.

– catch fireflies and put them in a jar
– kiss in the rain
– go on a hayride
– make jam
– bike the Quabbin
– learn to swim
– learn to ice skate
– go for a walk on the lake in the moonlight
– go stargazing
– get married!
– make a snowman with Ty
– go to the beach with Ty
– write an article/short story and get it published
– find a four-leaf clover
– climb a local mountain
– climb another local, but larger mountain
– make tiramisu
– learn to make home-made tomato sauce
– plant roses around the house
– plant flowers in window boxes
– own a pair of red high heels
– visit PEI
– visit Ireland
– get a cartilage piercing
– henna-dye my hair
– participate in a flash mob
– learn to play guitar
– make homemade ice cream
– take a self-defense class
– visit NYC
– have a baby
– wash the car and get soaked doing it
– catalog book collection
– take a nap in a hammock
– read Ivanhoe
– make new local friends
– learn more liturgy
– learn to knit
– take Ty on a REAL vacation that involves traveling by plane

Anyone else have a bucket list?