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So last night, I was an adventurous cook, which is unheard of for me. Oh, I enjoy cooking, but I don’t usually have the time or desire to go much outside my comfort zone. And that comfort zone tends to be ‘tried and true’ and a few variations on that theme.

Tonight? We tried something new. And yes, I say “we” because my husband messes around in the kitchen on occasion, as well, and lent a hand with both dinner AND the dishes tonight! I know. I’m a very lucky woman!

I digress. We were adventurous! We decided that we would have summer for supper tonight with a menu of:

Roasted chicken wraps with black bean salsa and guacamole,
Fresh zucchini, summer squash and onions sauteed in a little olive oil,
Nacho chips to go with the salsa,
and…fresh watermelon wedges for dessert

Inspiration came from this recipe, with some slight variations. For the guacamole, we had no cilantro, so we did without; when we discovered it needed a bit of a kick to temper the lime juice, we added garlic. The salsa was fudged and faked off of jarred salsa from the store: 1 cup of jarred salsa, 1 small fresh tomato, half a yellow pepper, a little bit of diced jalapeno pepper, 1 small diced onion and 1 cup of black beans.

Combined in a wrap with shredded chicken and tender spinach greens, oh it’s a symphony for the taste buds! The perfect combination and very much like Summer in February. We’re definitely going to make this one again – in fact, left-overs are in my bag for lunch at work today!