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(my little kitchen stove)

My kitchen and I have a serious problem on our hand. I think we have kitchen gremlins in the apartment. Things go missing and I can’t find them anywhere – which is unheard of for organized me. It’s not unusual for my husband to have problems finding things, but me? The organizing queen? Who knows where everything goes and tries to keep everything in that same place?


Well, maybe not – especially these days. But I’m blaming it on gremlins. Because seriously, the strangest things are happening!

My husband and I searched high and low throughout the kitchen for the hot sauce. It’s generally kept in the fridge, but it wasn’t there. I pulled everything out and look in every corner, which wasn’t too challenging considering it was the end of the week and the fridge was nearly as bare as Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. Nada. I checked the pantry cupboard and in the cabinet above the counter. Nope. I peered into the trash can just to see if maybe, in a fit of absentmindedness, we’d thrown it away. Nope.

The next day? I found it hiding behind the remains of the orange juice in the fridge. I’m almost POSITIVE it hadn’t been there when we were looking for it. Funny…

And other things have gone missing. The potato peeler. I grew convinced that we’d thrown it away with potato peels; I finally bought a new one a week after searching for it. And lo and behold, guess what I discovered in the cooking spoon canister this week? The rogue potato peeler. How did it get there?!

And then there are the incidents of the missing left-overs…oh wait, that’s right, those were eaten by the husband and he’s no gremlin. 😉 (And the left-overs never seem to emerge from hiding at a later date)

Seriously, though, how do these go missing and just come back on their own?

Gremlins, I’m telling you. Gremlins.