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We packed a picnic lunch and went for a ride. Oh, there was reason behind it, technically, but honestly, it was mostly because we enjoy being alone together without the distractions of daily life: no computers or television, no household chores, no piled up paperwork…nothing. Just me and him, the open road and whatever we want to talk about. Some of our best conversations have happened on car rides, whether we had a destination or not.

We packed a picnic lunch in February and drove for awhile. We stopped in at a fire station to say hi to my husband’s colleagues there (our excuse for the drive) and found a spot by the lake nearby. The sun set while we ate roast beef sandwiches (Swedish beef that is roasted!) and hermit bars in the car. And I took photos, as always.

On the way home, hot chocolate from Dunkin’s for me and coffee for him.

Silly things that make us happy. I guess, when it all boils down, it doesn’t matter where we go, what we do, as long (just as the song puts it) as we’re together.

We’re better together…