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Quirks. We all have them and like all couples, we didn’t discover some of each other’s quirks until after we got married. In fact, I didn’t even discover a quirk about myself until after we were married! The other night, while lying in bed and waiting for sleep to come, my husband pulled the “Can I ask you a question?” on me. His question: “What did you do before you married me, use a hot water bottle or something?!”

It’s true. I get cold easily and since he generates a ton of body heat, I tend to warm myself up by snuggling up to or putting my icy feet on him.

In fact, I developed a bad habit when the cold weather arrived. The poor man. The first time it happened…

Apparently, I woke up shivering, but didn’t wake up enough to realize what I was doing. I reached over to my snoozing, unsuspecting husband and, poking him in the ribs, informed him, “I’m cold.”

My excellent, long-suffering husband. He didn’t smack me over the head with a pillow. He didn’t growl at me to go back to sleep. Instead, he let me snuggle up and get warm while he went back to sleep. I’m amazed considering my first inclination, had I been in his shoes, would have been to poke back and say, “Well, what do you want me to do about it!”

Still, the next morning, he snickered a little as he recounted the events of the night before. “I did what?!” I ask incredulously. “No way.”

“Yes way.”


So that’s my quirk. (Or one of many!) Sleep-poking my husband awake in the middle of the night when I’m cold. I’m making the best effort to overcome that one, but it’s a leetle hard to remember not to do it if you’re doing it in your sleep! 😉

Do you have any quirky habits that your spouse didn’t know about until after you were married?