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Two weeks fly by without nary a post or thought from me. Well, not nary a thought – I’ve thought of this little bloggy space often, but thoughts don’t always make it from my brain and into the blogsphere, especially when life gets crazy. And it’s felt crazy-busy lately, stressful busy-crazy [but then again, what else is new?!], so my brain-cells have been oh-so-scattered.

So. A newsy, updatey post, maybe?

First of all:

Spring is HERE! In all of it’s blue sky and no clouds, sunshine and gorgeous 70 degree temperatures GLORY. The birds chatter every morning as I run out the door to head to work and last week, one night while standing in the Target parking lot I heard peepers in mad chorus. Oh yes, spring doesn’t get better than this. I only hope and pray it stays!

– And with the new spring weather comes renewed interest and ambition in a little something called get back into shape. Ahem, yes, that thing that I haven’t noticed since the fall [I think I’ve been hibernating somewhat this winter!]. I’ve decided that new cute workout clothes [that is, ones that aren’t old sweatpants and paint-stained fire department t-shirts] combined with delicious sunshine and breezes are good incentives to get me outside and walking. My goal is to fit in three to four 20-30 minute walks each week and go from there. Baby steps, kids, baby steps!

– I’ve also cut back on caffeine. eep. Not sure if that’s foolhardy or smart! But I’m trying. I like my morning cuppa, so thank goodness for half-caff coffee that’s weaning me to decaf!

– Work has consumed most of my time and energy [mental and physical], but I’m trying to get the house in order because…Passover is less than 3 weeks away and guess what, peeps? Hubby and I are hosting a Seder! It crept up fast on us, so I’m madly researching recipes online and planning like crazy on top of the house-cleaning. And to top it off, I have an insane urge to declutter ALL THE THINGS, which really isn’t the smart thing to do with Passover just around the corner. I don’t need to be making more messes [which always happens when I declutter], but oh gosh, I have a decluttering and spring-cleaning urge.

– And – just to be random – I made cupcakes today. YUM. Sure, it was a boxed mix, but hey, the jam centers were home-made last summer. Yes, we’re trying to consume as much leavened products as possible in hopes that we won’t have much to throw out at Passover. Anyhow, the cupcakes are fulfilling my sweet tooth craving.

– In spite of all the stress, the drama, the busy-ness, life is good. I was counting down the days to our wedding at this time last year and watching things disappearing from our registries [yes, I cheated and peeked!]. As much fun wedding planning was and all that rot, being married is a million and one times better. -happy-

And last of all: what’s new with you? Has spring arrived in your neck of the woods?