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Worry. If there’s one thing that you’d find in a thesaurus next to my name, it would be ‘worry-wart.’ It’s true; if there’s something to worry about, I am sure to find it. I worry about silly little things and silly big things, and in all my worrying, I find myself frazzled.

I worry about money and time and people and things.

I worry about love and life and hopes and dreams.

And not a moment is added to my life because of it.

I know this.

And yet I don’t remember it or, worse, believe it.

So, the question is, what if…I chose to pray, but not worry? How does a chronic worrier find herself able to make that choice and follow through on it?

I’ll tell you how: by battling it every day.

It’s not a one-time choice, decision, resolution – or whatever name you want to pin on it. It’s an every-day mind-set and it’s what I do with the worries that creep in constantly.

I’m washing the dishes and worry is perching on the counter whispering things to me (and did I mention Worry has a sister named Self-Loathing?).

In the best case scenario, I pray and I move on. Distract myself. Or if the worry genuinely requires a solution, I brain-storm and pray for God’s wisdom. Most of my worries, however, don’t require me to come up with solutions; they just require me to pray and remember that no matter how much I want to control things and determine outcomes, it isn’t up to me.

Worst case scenario…I go to bed and dream strange dreams because of worries crowding in on my sleep.

I’ll shoot for the best-case scenario, thank-you-very-much!